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No Shame

I see all the social media posts, the memes, the jokes. You've seen them too. You know, the ones that shame people for coloring their own hair or cutting their own bangs. The ones from stylists, who beg their clients to step away from the box, to stand in solidarity for an industry they appreciate but are not a part of. I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but I'm going to put it out there now to all our loyal clients and friends who have supported us for so long. We will not shame you. We support you!

If you feel the need to color your roots, no shame. If you have to trim your bangs or decide you need all new anxiety bangs, no shame. If you have to cover all your beautiful highlights because you just don't know if you'll be able to afford them when this is all over, no shame. We support you! We know how to fix and repair damage. We know how to lift out box color. Every bad bang cut only needs a week or two. We support you!

This is what we need from you: The truth. That's all. Just let us know before your appointment, and give us all the details, so that we can plan adequate time for a color correction, an extra consultation or a deep conditioning treatment. To be clear, I am NOT saying that these things will be done at no cost in light of the pandemic. That would be unrealistic. I AM saying that these things will be done without shame or ridicule. We support you!

Don't misunderstand, it would be great if all of our client's hair looked exactly as we left it. But that would be too easy. As we are being reminded right now, life isn't easy. Lucky for me, (and maybe for you) I happen to be quite talented when it comes to color corrections. We may all be on some crazy pause right now but I know that doesn't mean that your hair is on pause. Or that essential workers don't care how they look when they go to work. Or that I don't understand that some people just feel better about themselves when they can't see any gray. I get it! We support you!

Now, while my support is firm, it doesn't go as far as making how-to videos on cutting your own bangs/hair/applying your own color. Touching up your own balayage? Come on! I said I get it, lol, but I can't put what has taken the better part of 15 years to get good at into a 2 minute video. Plus, I would just be making it look easy. It's not easy. What I will do is leave you with a few tips and ideas for how to get by should you not go shopping in the haircolor isle (which I hear is getting pretty empty).

  1. Get some root concealer. They work wonders especially if you color your hair dirty blonde or darker or if your roots are primarily white (then covering is easy). This product generally works as a light dry shampoo as well. Two birds, one stone! I have 4 colors on our website.

  2. Try eye shadow. Again, this works better if you color your hair darker. Many clients have good luck with this trick if they also have thinning hair (covers the scalp and offers better control).

  3. If cutting your bangs is a necessity (which I'm sure it will be soon, if not already). Do us all a favor and cut vertically! Yes, up and down. Tiny snips. I like those little manicure scissors or tiny sewing scissors. You can thank me at your next appointment.

  4. Grown out highlights? Try a darker root concealer. Sounds crazy but it may be a good way for you to soften the grow out and give yourself a fun rooted look.

  5. Gray in your eyebrows? Try an eyebrow filler. The ones with the mascara wand are easiest to apply.

  6. Last but not least, stand up nice and tall! Just kidding, kind of…

Still with me? Thanks for hanging till the end. I hope I've eased some minds and helped with some tips. We really do miss you all so much and can't wait to get back to our fabulous clients!

Remember, you've got this, see you on the flip side...


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