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Hello, I'm Lecy!

After starting at Park Place as a receptionist, I quickly fell in love with the industry and began to pursue my career as a stylist. My big take away so far? This is an extremely detail oriented profession, and I am an extremely detail oriented person… so we’re a perfect match!


Spending time at home with my family is what I enjoy doing with my free time. I have a four legged fur baby that gets all my attention. Blitz, my white German Shepherd, is full of energy and loves to go on walks and swim in the pool.


I was born and raised in Florida so I have a love for the warmth of the sun and being in the water. My favorite thing to have by my side while by the pool or on the boat is a strawberry refresher from Starbucks. However, because I’m me, my order is very specific. Venti strawberry refresher, no strawberry scoop, light ice, with apple juice. It’s the perfect drink to have on a hot day by the water!


While I love being outdoors, I also enjoy regaining my energy throughout the day. So if I have time to spare, I might take a quick cat nap. I am definitely a “napping champ” and I might have a T-shirt to prove it! No nap is too short or too long for me. 


Learning and growing is very important to me. I enjoy seeking out new techniques and learning opportunities that help me grow as a stylist and a person. I like to be the best that I can be in everything I do, so working hard and being efficient is always a priority to me.


I enjoy spreading positivity to those around me and helping others feel amazing, all while achieving their hair goals. Each day I strive to brighten up at least one persons day. The idea that I can turn someone’s day around, even just by doing something little, fires me up! These moments seem so small, but actually make our day and inspire others to be day makers too. Hair is my passion, along with making everyone’s day, I’d love to make yours. Click here to fill out an appointment request form.


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