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Hello, I'm Hally!

I was first drawn to the industry for the positive role I could play in my clients lives. My first career plan was to follow in my mom and sister's footsteps to become a nurse. However, it just wasn't in the cards for me. So I traded a stethoscope for my shears!


Being a lifetime learner also drew me to this industry as it is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the latest trends whether they’re completely out of the box or just recycled from years prior has always been an interest of mine. Not only is it fascinating to see what other stylists are creating but it also inspires me to be the greatest version of myself as a stylist.


I come from a fairly large family with two sisters and two brothers, who all have distinct yet still boisterous personalities. This is probably the reason I enjoy peaceful moments in the outdoors. I enjoy being on the water, whether it's the beach or a lake. When I’m not there, I'm at local parks with my dog, Kash. He is eighty pounds of pure goofiness who thinks he's only eight pounds. He's proven to be quite the handful and can rack up a vet bill in record time!


My biggest weakness would have to be chocolate, or really anything sweet. I also love to relax and watch Netflix but have to stick to a series because I struggle to make it through an entire movie without falling asleep!


I’m a very technical person, so I like to make a plan for each appointment just as I would for a road trip. In focusing on the little details and following a roadmap, it gets my client to their destination with the best possible outcome. I want to ensure that every client that sits in my chair gets hair that caters to their lifestyle.


Click here to fill out an appointment request form, I’d love to create a roadmap for your hair journey, too!


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