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Custom Color Kits

We've partnered with a professional hair-color company to be able to legally provide you with professional, formulated-for-you color so that you can touch up your roots while we wait for the salon to re-open. These kits will give you enough color for 2 applications of your hairline and 1" of your part.

Here's how it works:


Fill out our contact form down below and we will reply with how to proceed with the consultation.


This may be done through photos or video. We will pre-match your color for you, giving you perfect gray coverage. Existing guests will breeze through the consultation.



After a completed consultation, you may purchase your kit right on this website. You will receive an email to set up a pickup time that is convenient for you.


You will be sent a training video through email that shows you exactly how to use the kit without making a mess or destroying your current color.


Follow our instructions & viola! No more gray!

That's it! We've worked hard to make this process as easy as it can be. Plus, you won't risk scary, unsightly, orange box-color roots and this will keep the gray away until you're back in the salon.

Color Kit Consultation Request

Thanks for submitting!

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