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Hello, I'm Brianna!

I became a hairstylist on a whim, fell in love with the science of color by chance, but keep thriving and growing in this amazing career by choice!

While keeping my New England roots strong, I was raised in this small but mighty town of Lake Placid. After graduating from college, I made the quick and whimsical decision to go to cosmetology school. I fell immediately in love with this industry (that I had no prior knowledge of) and never looked back.

In 2009, I opened Park Place Salon. My mission was clear: to provide a service to my community that was unlike what anyone else was providing. I was determined to give my clients the highest degree of service in a professional and relaxing environment.

I carry lots of titles these days: friend, sister, daughter, wife, girl mom, boy mom, salon owner, colorist, leader, mentor. When I’m not in the salon you can find me working in my oversized garden (my happy place), painting or watching a movie with the fam!

For clients, working with me can feel very different. My consultation often includes a discussion about your seasonal color chart, and I consider the maintenance, daily routine and lifestyle when arriving at an ideal color, cut & style plan. I excel when tackling client’s issues and love coming up with sensible solutions, some are simple, and some are super creative!

 Specializing in color correction, gray coverage and natural, lived in looks, I will not just do the quick and halfway method which gets clients out the door looking ok but can create problems later. My clients look as good coming back as they did when they left. The integrity of the hair is always my top priority!

If you’re ready to embark on a new and different color journey with me, click here to fill out a new client appointment request form. I can’t wait to meet you and look forward to working together!



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